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  • When you fall in a difficult situation,to assist you with its services!!!
  • For those who did not come up with what to do against emergent health questions!
  • For assisting you in legal issues!
  • For a better life standard!
  • For individuals at any age!
  • For first step health services!
  • More companies or individuals to provide tax advantages!
  • Regardless of health status for all individuals!
  • Health insurance coverage is expensive for those who believe!
  • The first step for health care
  • Application Form
      * Medasist Travel Assistance in Turkey Services Languages is Just Turkish and English
    Travel Assistance Included (yearly)
    Medical Assistance
    Medical Information Unlimited
    Medical Transportation Organisation
    Travel Assistance
    Pre-Travel Service Unlimited
    Loss of travel documents Unlimited
    Medical Monitoring of The Beneficiary’s Close Relative Unlimited
    Unexpected Return to Country Unlimited
    Delay Information to the Relatives / Collegues Unlimited
    Social Assistance Reservation Services (Concierge)*
    Theater Reservations Organisation
    Concert Reservations Organisation
    Sport Contests Reservations Organisation
    Restaurant Reservations Organisation
    RAC Organisation
    Guidance and related services' Reservations Organisation
    Delivery Services
    Flower / Gift Delivery Organisation
    Food / Beverage Delivery Organisation
    Cash Advance Delivery Organisation
    Delivery of Reserved Flight Tickets Organisation
    Delivery of Reserved Train Tickets Organisation
    Delivery of Lost or Forgotten documents Organisation
    Administrative Services
    Organisation of Interpreter and simultaneous translation Unlimited
    Conference Hall Organisation Unlimited
    Fax Rental Organisation
    PC Rental Organisation
    Transmission of messages to collegues Unlimited
    Information Services
    Legal Advice Organisation Information
    Financial Advice 2 times a year free of charge